About Us

Jewish Tours Romania specializes almost exclusively in one-to-one, tailor made, custom tours for the individual or individuals and small groups.



Eduard (at the right side) at the Great Synagogue in Bucharest


By customizing the tours to the specific request of the tourist, we get to meet the exact expectations of everyone.


While we supply suggested routes, all based on our extensive experience of introducing people to all parts of Romania, it is perfectly possible for us to establish an itinerary according to your own wishes.


The tours we display here represent the result of many years of experience in the field, organizing cultural tours and Jewish Heritage tours in Romania.
Our travels follow the high spots for the visitor, both the well known and the less well known, and are influenced by the many favorable responses we have had from foreign tourists visiting Romania over the last decade. This is the land  of  beautiful  synagogues, many of them undiscovered treasures, a land with a lot of jewish places full of memories, with jewish cemeteries weeping between the flowers.


This is Romania, a place of history, a place where the Jewish Heritage is well preserved.
Let us invite you to our land – Romania.


Once visited, never forgotten.


Why Choose Us


Proven and outstanding tourist services, very deep knowledge of the Jewish Heritage of Romania.

Attention to details

Tours realized by myself as tour director/ guide/ driver.


20 years of Experience in Jewish Heritage of Romania.

Happy clients

Hundreds  of happy clients coming to Romania in  finding the  the country of their ancestors.

Jewish Communities

Personal contacts in all the Jewish Communities of Romania, including the Jewish Federation, the JCC, the Jewish Theatre in Bucharest.


Friendly and fair prices.

What Customers Say

  • “Eduard really knows Romania and has an intense pride and love for the Romanian people. His knowledge of culture and politics is very personal and deep. He also has a special interest in researching Jewish roots and has made strong efforts to befriend the heads of the various remaining Jewish communities to gain access to synagogues and records. I sense that his avocation for researching the Jewish history of Romania will be a great help to Holocaust survivors and children of the Holocaust survivors who are interested in restoring a sense of continuity to their family heritage. We wish you all our best and we thank you for being one of our family for the week.”
    Richard Szabo
  • “I am emailing you to tell you what a wonderful time we had with you as our guide! I went to Romania in search of family history, but found so much more… a remarkable landscape and what I hope will be a lasting friendship. My mind is filled with images of Saxon villages, summer wildflowers in countryside and cemetery, painted Monasteries, nesting storks and so much more. I have already googled recipes for mamaliga and muraturi . But while Romania is wonderful in itself, it became spectacular under your guidance. Thank you so much for a wonderful , wonderful trip. In the meantime, I want you to know how much we appreciate your expertise and friendship. Until next time, when we can visit the wooden churches and Danube Delta.”
    Marci Gintis
  • “Dear Eduard - Alice and I want to thank you for the wonderful week we spent with you from May 28, 2011 to June 3, 2011. All of the arrangements that you made for us were excellent. However, even more important was the knowledge and the insights that we gained about Romania — the country of my Mother’s birth. We saw and learned a great deal in a week. Your personal connections with people and places “off the beaten path” greatly enhanced our trip. Of particular note was the Cistercian Abbey in Carta. Your friendship with the priest leading to a most interesting tour of this 800 year old site (as well as the invitation to his living quarters) was a true highlight of our tour. The ecumenical nature of your personal contacts also allowed us to visit some very interesting Jewish synagogues and gain interesting historical insights.”
    Ralph Stern